Our Mission and Beliefs

Our MissioN

Glasgow Farm Church Mission 

We are a family group of believers in Jesus The Christ, savior of the world and ruler of the entire universe, that preach the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus with all His authority, everywhere to every creature. Seeing the lost loved, delivered, healed, saved, baptized, taught the Word, discipled, baby steps then to walk in the Holy Spirit, and promoted into the church in power of the Holy Spirit.

We are promoting and enabling a family of believers and followers in Jesus to come into a loving family, find Him, grow with Him, and be sent out with Him to preach the Gospel in their daily life or in full-time service.

Jesus is the answer to every question. Matthew 28, Mark 16.

Our Beliefs

We believe God is the creator and sustainer of all the created world and universe. His person is one being; His personality is expressed in three persons unified in everything that takes place in the earth and universe.

The Father
Our Father resides in Heaven above – in a realm above and all around us. He created all things, sees all, knows all, and is eternally all powerful. Nothing escapes Him. Jesus is His only heavenly son.

The Son, Jesus
Jesus is the son of God! Everything was created in Him, by Him and through Him. He is perfection. He left Heaven, was conceived by God the Father through The Holy Spirit into the womb of Mary of Nazareth. He was born to earthly parents, Mary and Joseph, brought up in a Godly home, and at age 30, He began His ministry to save the earth from its sins. His ministry started a kingdom for Himself with direction of God the Father, enduring every temptation — living a sinless life, teaching everyone who their heavenly Father is and how to please Him, and how to work in this kingdom to glorify God our Father.

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the voice of God, the Word speaking what He says to mankind, the Spirit of Truth, the comforter, the wind, the fire, the water moving everyone on the earth closer to Himself to save them. When He comes into a human spirit, the Spirit speaks God’s words and directions to live fruitfully for God. The Christian receives gifting, a manifestation in one or many of nine gifts of power, and promoting everyone with a ministry gifting.