Eternal Marriage - Marriage Without Regrets – by Kay Arthur

May 9, 2021

All adults are welcome to join us for this 16-week study. Whether you’re married or single, you will benefit from this thorough study of God’s Word on marriage – the roles of husband and wife, effective and compassionate communication, sex, love, finances, divorce, and remarriage. Marriages around the world have been changed and enriched by this study!
Lesson 1 – Man-Woman…What’s the Difference?
Lesson 2 – Understanding the Role of a Woman
Lesson 3 – Understanding Submission
Lesson 4 – The Spiritual Role of a Man (Wayne Barber is the teacher for this lesson.)
Lesson 5 – Model Man and Model Woman (Wayne Barber and Kay Arthur teach this lesson.)
Lesson 6 – The Basis of Good Communication
Lesson 7 – Loving: Confirming Another’s Security and Significance
Lesson 8 – How Do You Love When You Don’t Feel Love – or Loved?
Lesson 9 – What About Sex in Marriage? Does That Sound Good or Bad?
Lesson 10 -How Permanent Is Marriage?
Lesson 11 -What Does God Say About Divorce?
Lesson 12 -What Can the Divorced Do?
Lesson 13 -How to Be Financially One and Financially Sound
Lesson 14 -How Can a Couple Handle Their Finances Biblically?
Lesson 15 -Raising Children: How Can I Be Sure I’m Right?
Lesson 16 -The Problem of Parenting: How to Train Your Child

Who: Married and single men and women alike will benefit from this thorough study of God’s Word on marriage.

When: Starting Sunday, January 24, 2021 | 4:30-6:00pm

Where: The Glasgow Farm (in the barn)

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